Colossus – The Forbin project (1970)

12 10 2010


Since the poster of the movie looks like shit here is a picture of the Colossus you all know and love!


by NiceDino

No, not that Colossus. I’m talking about the film “Colossus – The Forbin project”. It is a SF-film from 1970. Never heard of it before? Neither did I until some weeks ago. Despite the fact that this movie is regarded a classic, it wasn´t successful at all when it was first released.

This is not surprising. The theatrical release poster looks like nothing and there is barely any action in it. The actors are somewhat stiff and the soundtrack is very… sf-seventy, I guess.

There is however one reason to watch this film. As I stated in my text about the first Terminator movie I´m a huge fan of AI´s. I also said that they are usually portrayed as either stupid or evil.

In Colossus this isn´t the case. The AI introduced in this movie is really intelligent and not evil at all. In fact it is not even capable of being evil, since it has no emotions. None at all. It becomes sentient, which was never intended by it´s creator, but that´s about it. All it does is to follow it´s prime directive. To the letter. By any means necessary. This of course is something humanity is not prepared for and thus a conflict is about to begin.

If you have some spare time on your hand and ever wondered what Skynet could have done if he had NOT decided to eradicate humanity, check this film out. It deserves that much.


Thanks for reading!

NiceDino ^^



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