Forbidden Planet (1956)

14 10 2010


As you can clearly see Robby gets all the girls!


by NiceDino

The Forbidden Planet is one of those movies that became a classic for a good reason. The Special Effects as well as the soundtrack were groundbreaking. It was an all-electronic music musical score, which was and still is very unusual. It fits the theme of the movie in a great way and makes it all the more “spacey”. And it was in COLOR too!

There is also a Robot, Robby the Robot, to be exact, which is also pretty amazing. In fact it is so amazing that it got it´s own article on Wikipedia. That´s something, isn´t it? But it get´s even better. Besides the fact that Robby is made of Steel and therefore incredible strong, he also has a personality. He was one of the first movie-Robots to have a personality ever. Despite that fact that the movie poster makes you think otherwise he also is not evil. That´s just awesome.

Although the movie is now more than fifty years old it has aged rather well. You can clearly see how this movie inspired following movies and series such as Star Trek. But I think that Forbidden Planet is much better than most of the products that followed in it´s wake. Even though a modern audience might still be disappointed by it due to its age and lack of action.

Be that as it may if you are a fan of SF you should definitely check this one out. It´s well worth it. It´s available on YouTube at the moment. Go ahead and watch it before it get´s removed again.


Thanks for reading!

NiceDino ^^


P.S. I forgot something. This also is one of the few chances to see Leslie Nielsen from the Naked Gun-movies, when he was young. Or at least younger. If that´s no reason to watch this movie I don´t know what is.



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