Post 100!

18 10 2010

by AngryPanda

Congratulations you can count!

Well let’s be honest you probably didn’t. I only know because there is a really big number jumping in my face every time I access the control panel. It’s probably not even the real post number one-hundred since I deleted some in the past. But for the sake of simplicity let’s assume it really is. That will at least give me a reason to not delete any older posts now. I was tempted to brush this off with a comment about it being just a number. One more than 99, nothing special. And it isn’t but sometimes you got to celebrate anyway. So here we go number 100! It’s like 300 but a whole lot less.


Seriously, this could only be more awesome with lasers.


I would like to say something deep and meaningful on this occasion. Let me think for a moment.

Nope, I got nothing. Guess I’ll just babble. I’d say that then I started this blog I never thought I’d get this far but considering I got absolutely nowhere I guess I’m exactly there I expected to be. Still, this has been a lot of fun. The Blog fulfilled its main purpose of giving me a platform to voice thoughts that I don’t want to bother people in my regular hangouts (be they online or real) with. On the way I also picked up the Dino who helped to make sure that updates here come at least with some regularity. On that note I wanted to change the banner to a fighting Panda and Dinosaur for weeks not but never got to it. Considering my limited spare time I doubt that will change anytime soon. Regular reader number has sunk to about half of what it was in the first few weeks but on the other hand it is still higher than I expected. And considering the fact that the last few posts were mostly supremely boring and about nothing I would want to read about it is surprising that there are any left at all. I still feel like I got a weight of my chest from ranting here and I still don’t have to force myself to write these updates so I think that counts as a success. So thanks to all of you for reading this, I can’t imagine what’s wrong with you but I appreciate it. I’ll use this post to talk about a few random thoughts that got me to write this Blog the way I do.

Anonymity: This is a big thing these days. Half the world thinks it should be dumped on the net mostly to get rid of trolls. They are wrong. A little bit of trolling is no reason to ditch the ultimate freedom that we had here before the concept of real IDs came along. Why don’t I use my real name here? There are several but the most simple is one I can explain with an example: “I’m writing this post at work.” I couldn’t have told you this simple thing if I used my real name here. In fact I write most of my posts at work but that’s not the point here… . The point is that life is not fair and while I’d have no problem defending my views in front of people I meet there is no need for my future employers to find out that I still watch cartoons or for control obsessed government to know I play video games. If you don’t think that would be a problem you live in a naive and happy world. There are so many ways that information about you can be abused it is not even funny. That is the one and only reason I talk so badly about Facebook by the way. I’ll go further into this whole problematic in the future, I think I owe the people I insult at least some explanation and I wanted to write an “What’s wrong about Facebook” post for a long time. Unfortunately that’s a serious matter and requires some actual effort so it didn’t happen yet.

Politics: I considered not talking about politics. It isn’t fun and just pisses people off. You should see how the site bleeds readers every time I do. So why do I keep doing it? Because I made this site to say stuff that needs to get out. Blogging here is the digital equivalent of shouting into a sewage pipe. It just doesn’t matter. I don’t even have many political views as far as left and right wings are concerned. I just despise a certain type of person and their actions and sometimes I have to let that out. Still this comes in phases and I think my current wave of hatred is mostly over.

Everything else: There’s a ton of stuff I still want to write about and I guess a short overview of what the future holds will be a fine ending for this.

  • Transformers FWA: My make-believe Transfromers MMO. I still need two posts to finish the series and they will come.
  • Blizzard: How my favorite game company turned into one that I will most likely not buy games from again.
  • Comic Book Mega-Events: I plan to start a series about everything from Darkest Night to Civil War.
  • Society: To quote Family Guy “Society, you are ugly and we don’t like you very much.”
  • The internet: I could not live in a world without the internet. I know because I did in my youth. A series about why it is sometimes ok to care about pixels.
  • SLA-Industries: The only Paper&Pen RPG that I own but never played.
  • A whole bunch of other stuff: Series, cartoons, anime, movies, games and maybe the fact that I own 50 pairs of socks but can never find any of them.




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