Today on the dark side: Joe Miller

20 10 2010

by AngryPanda

Alaska GOP Senate nominee Joe Miller thinks the United States should use the former Soviet-controlled East Germany as an example in border security.

“East Germany was very, very able to reduce the flow,” Miller said at a town hall event Sunday, as recorded by an Anchorage-based blogger. (Source: Newsvine)

The Berlin wall including the infamous "Death Strip". If you wonder why it is on the wrong side it means your brain is still working. Something is very wrong here.

I didn’t say anything about Christine O’Donnel, mostly because her “I’m not a witch” comment was just so hilariously insane but I think this guy deserves a comment. First of all and I find it funny that I can say this without irony: That’s communists idea you cunt!

There wasn’t really a point to it but they do it so often to attack any reasonable idea that it felt good to throw it back since in this case it is 100% true. The Berlin Wall was constructed by the communist dictatorship of eastern Germany in 1961 and in the typical colorful propaganda of such groups was called the “Anti-Fascist Protection Wall”. The official reason for the wall was that western Germany was supposedly still not completely cleaned of Nazi-Elements and thus a danger to their country. How half a city, in the middle of red curtain territory was supposed to mount an invasion remains anyone’s guess but just like the Tea-Party movement these guys had figured out that facts are largely unnecessary in politics.

The whole length of the border would be a bit too small for an American to even consider it a state. But the Wall did not even go this far. It just went through that tiny little city right there in the middle of all that red. In case you need it spelled out (and if you vote for this guy you probably do) Berlin is a little bit smaller than all of Mexico!

Mr Miller made one of those statements that can win arguments simply because it is so stupid on so many levels that it leaves your opponent stunned and unable to answer. So what’s wrong with it except the tiny difference in size between one city and Mexico? Let’s start with the obvious. Eastern Germany didn’t have an immigration problem not because of any borders or wall but because nobody wanted to go there! If someone did want to immigrate from the West he could not only do so but was welcomed with open arms and there was major media coverage since they used it as a propaganda event. It actually did happen. Especially some hardcore leftwing musicians and writers thought communism was the best thing since flying hamsters and went there hoping to live the dream. On the other hand, most sane human beings wanted to get away from there. That’s why around 3.5 million people fled to the West before the wall was finished. That’s right, the wall wasn’t intended to protect from immigration. It was built to keep people in! You can see that perfectly fine on the picture above. The western side of the wall is full of graffity since people could approach it without fear. On the inside things are a little different. Between the fences and the wall is what is known as the “death strip” a place in which according to official documents one to two hundred of their own citizens were shot to death while trying to escape the country. Since they are lying cunts it is pretty safe to assume the real number is a whole lot higher. The guards on the wall had orders to immediately shoot to kill in case of escape attempts. Yes this wall “reduced the flow” as Joe Miller has said. Only in an entirely different manner, for the purpose if imprisoning your own people and by spitting the face of freedom and human rights. What a remarkably suitable symbol for the tea party movement.



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