Mac Attack

22 10 2010

by AngryPanda

I’ve been thinking about getting my dad into the internet for a long while now. Mostly because he reads newspapers and it is always so painful to listen to the crap he gets from there. Now he never used a computer in his life before and he’s sixty so it is a bit hard to get him to learn. But with the rise of the new tablet PCs I thought I’d give it another shot. I’m going to wait till next year to see how the things develop and for prices to drop of course. And I want to try them out. Most of the things use Android and I have no idea how that handles. Yesterday someone suggested just going for the iPad and I got to admit he had a point. For a new user their stuff is immensely comfortable to use. On the other hand it is also immensely overpriced and the idea of paying so much extra just for the lifestyle tag to their name makes me want to gnaw on a dead badger (which may be gross but consider how much more pleasant and healthy it is compared to gnawing on a life badger). Anyway, Macintosh turned itself into the Evil League of Evil which is something that makes sense to me, after all it makes them money. What I don’t understand are their fans of who I might have made fun once or twice. Ok, ok I admit it. It was even more often. But hey I found this about Mac in general so I thought I’d share. I’d name a source but I have no idea.




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