22 10 2010

by AngryPanda

There is no music category in this blog. I think the reason for that is that I’m strangely tolerant about other people’s taste in music. My own is changing all the time and I just know we all like different things. Of course I realize that people have different opinions about movies, games, comics and all that stuff too. That’s ok but I’m right and they are twats. For some reason music plays outside the rules. I can hear some really crappy stuff and won’t wonder why it was made or who would like to hear it. It just is. Maybe it is because mainstream music has been shitty for so many years that you just get used to it, I honestly don’t know. Anyway, unless the listeners are actively seeking converts (that would be the last survivors of techno, the metal-hardcores and those strange folks who still think Rap is about politics and society and who must have been blind and deaf since 1998 to hold on to that illusion). It is also almost pointless to even discuss it. I had my dad tell me (today is “I mention my dad day” apparently) that I should listen to some classical music sometime. I actually own classical music, unlike him. But of course he still has to right to say that because he is old, that’s how the world works. I could try to explain that I listen to that sort of music all the time since I listen to orchestral movie scores mostly. But some asshat would jump out of the bushes claiming that is cheap pop-culture garbage on the basis that it is not old. Discussing music is tireless and pointless. Even if I absolutely love a song I wouldn’t write about it here simply because I doubt it would have the same emotional relevance to anyone else.

That said mixing up the Beatles, Cypress Hill, Joan Jett and House of Pain is complete genius and if you don’t think it is awesome you are probably the sort of person who clubs baby seals.




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