Terminator: Salvation again? The panda holds a grudge

25 10 2010

by AngryPanda

I just read an article from MovieBob about stuff that almost happened in movies and was never greenlit. You can find the whole article HERE.

It is worth reading for the Superman part alone. Which for some reason would still have been a better movie than Superman: Returns was. It would have sucked but at least it wouldn’t have been boring. But anyway the part that interests me is about Terminator: Salvation both me and the Dino wrote about that glob of buffalo-snot before. Here goes:

Terminator: Salvation has a strange dynamic going on: John Connor (Christian Bale) doesn’t seem to be all that good at the “savior of humanity” role he and others believed he’s been destined for. Instead, Sam Worthington’s Marcus Wright – a 20th-Century death row inmate resurrected as a half-human/half-Terminator cyborg – seems to be the more “classical” hero, a born leader and hyper-capable soldier. After the big final battle in Skynet City, Marcus ultimately sacrifices himself to give Connor a heart transplant; leaving audiences to wonder why we spent so much of the movie following some guy who dies and when Connor was going to turn into the Mad-Max-meets-Oscar-Schindler badass we’ve been hearing about for three movies.

Well, originally Salvation‘s big gamble was to pull a huge twist that would’ve changed everything about the Terminatormythology. Believe it or not, when Marcus snuck into Skynet City (he was supposed to be the main character while Connor was going to be a mysterious character who we never saw until the very end), he wasn’t just supposed to find the usual chaotic factory Terminator movies have to end in. He was also supposed to find – I kid you not – a beautiful seaside resort town. Full of humans. Really. Turns out, all this time Skynet has actually been trying to prevent human extinction by keeping a few oblivious “choice” people alive and pampered in this resort while wiping out the “stragglers” in The Resistance. The Terminators have been – in their own way – trying to save us, and the big Final Battle would’ve been humans versus Terminators in an artificially-recreated Club Med. And that’s not all.

The original ending also called for Connor to (finally) show up in person for the final battle … and get killed! So who leads the resistance and sends Kyle Reese back in time for Terminator 1? Marcus Wright. They cut the skin off his cyborg body and replace it with Connor’s, and he assumes the mantle to keep the John Connor legend alive. That’s right – there is no John Connor: Savior of Humanity, it’s just been a reformed cyborg in a John Connor skin-suit the whole time.

Why did someone think this was a good idea? Who knows? Why didn’t it end up in the movie? Because the “twists” leaked onto the internet and people freaked the hell out, so they changed it.

I’m stunned. Both by how remarkably shitty that plot was and by their cowardice of not going through with it. You see while that plot would have been horrible it would at least have been a completely new spin. It would also have explained why the cyborg was there taking screen time in the first place. And why John Connor was such an ass. As it is they scratched the shitty plot but kept all the elements they had changed to make it plausible. So instead they have the normal take on the story but it doesn’t make any sense anymore. They have a heroic cyborg with no use, a bastard John Connor and a stupid Skynet. What were they thinking? Did they just patchwork something new together, not caring about the results? As sad as that is, I would have prefered that alternative take since it would at least have clearly been an alternative take on the story. This way it was the story I had wanted to see for years but screwed up beyond recognition. Also I’m still completely stunned at the whole idea. It is so bad I don’t even know how to make fun of it.




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