Sky Pirates!

26 10 2010

by AngryPanda

Some ideas are so awesome they can make your eyes pop out just by reading them.

THIS is one of them.

The plan calls for a high-altitude balloon, either a solar-powered blimp or even just a weather balloon, that would host file sharing servers, but be outside the jurisdiction of any government that might want to shut it down.

Yes. That’s what they’re talking about!

Now this could get to you because it is so mind-blowingly stupid and impractical. The article already mentions that a ship would work better. What they all forget is that the rightholders could just blow the thing of the air. And they would get away with it. Shitheads like that get away with tasering children and find support for that, you bet your ass they could sell this. But fuck that this is just awesome. We’re talking Air Pirates here. Life is good. That thought alone will carry me through the rest of the day.

Oh yeah some of the really crazy Euros even talk about a satellite. Which would crank this right up to eleven.



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27 10 2010
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