Luxury sadness

28 10 2010

by AngryPanda

Cameron is a freak of nature. Every few years ( way too many by the way) he comes along and produces a movie that everyone claimed could not be done and even if it could than most certainly not in that way. And he’ll blow you away. Everyone will stare in amazement and no one will have learned shit and go on making the same bland crap as before.

There are a ton of real worries in life. And then there’s some things that make you sad despite the fact that you should be squealing with joy. Like fat guys in western country complaining about food prizes. Today’s case:

Despite RECENT INDICATIONS that he was seriously considering directing Angelina Jolie in a CLEOPATRA movie before returning to Pandora, James Cameron has agreed to make AVATARs 2 & 3 his next films.

Source: Ain’t it cool news

There are so many hacks who make movies. They need to create copies of Cameron so he can make more. I really would have loved to see his take on Cleopatra. Everything about that premise is cool. Of course I would love to see more Avatar too. Let’s compare.

Cleopatra: Hoch chick, check. Ancient Egypt, check. Swordfights, check. Pyramids, check. Great mythology, check. War with Rome, check. You get to see some of that in the Rome TV-Series and it is very well done but I’d love to see what Cameron would make of it. And if he’d be critizied for the story not being new for that too.

Avatar: Nothing I could say about Avatar even matters. Neither does anything you do by the way. So stop being a pretentious dipshit and cry just because it was popular. The damn thing had flying dinosaur fighting sci-fi helicopters and no amount of your crying will take either that or the fact that it was the most successful movie ever go away. Unless you start calculating it differently. In which case you will find out first that the title actually goes to Gone with the Wind and second that you’re a pompous ass so full of yourself that you’d shit even more asses.

Hard one. I would love to see the Cleopatra movie but a second there I thought I’d even prefer it over more Avatar. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t prefer it over the original. But I already saw it. So the question is  “more of the same” vs “new”. In this case the “more of the same” is incredibly awesome though. I’d say it would be hard to make a second part but I would have said that about Terminator too. In the end I think I prefer the sci-fi elements too much and rather see more Avatar but it is a close one. Now if we could have a sci-fi retelling with pyramid spaceships and Neo-Egyptian technomagic that would be even better.


Sadly this option wasn't even on the table.


It has also sort of been done by Stargate. But while I loved that series there is still a lot more potential in a setting only about this. It would be way more awesome than a historic setting and not only because of the lasers. But since that wasn’t an option I’d count more Avatar as the better option here. Still I haven’t forgotten that Cameron mentioned that had intended to produce Alita after he is done with Avatar. And that is the one thing I’d prefer even above both options and my conjured fantasy about Egyptians in space.



I doubt it will ever happen but on the other hand Cameron tends to wait until the special effects can keep up with his ideas and he does want to do her full CGI. I just hope he doesn’t die, that guy is irreplaceable.






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