I couldn’t care less

29 10 2010

by AngryPanda

Maybe I’m getting old. I prefer disillusioned but I think it is the same. Today I read two things that would have been of immense interest to me in the past. And now all I can muster is to go get some coffee while trying to remember why I should care.

Lucas plans to make three more Star Wars movies.

I’m not even sure I’d go into a theater anymore. I liked Episode 3 but the magic is gone. This man obviously does not know what part of his franchise is actually good. Hint: It is not the droids. This just smells bland. I’m more excited about the TV-Series but even that doesn’t seem too promising ever since I read he takes a personal hand in it. The main upside of that setting would be that you can have runaway Jedi and Darth Vader. Basically what made the old movies good. Had high hopes until he said that both of these things will not be in the movie. Awesome. Maybe it will be without starships too? By now the only Star Wars news that could excite me would be if Bioware made a movie. Because boy are they awesome at it:

But except for Avatar I don’t think we will never get movies as great as video games. If this was an ideal world we’d get James Cameron producing Star Wars KOTOR based on that vid. But time to move on to the next subject.

Caprica is cancelled.

The first season of the new Battlestar Galactika was absolutely fantastic. We are talking about my favorite series from childhood, mixed with pretty hard sci-fi and military elements. Gime! Sadly the writers where so full of themselves they probably ate each other during lunchbreak. Starting with the second season the series had the eveangelion-snydrome (post for next week!). In short they constantly tried to be better than they were. Mysteries that went nowhere and plots that made no sense. Near the end of the third seasons my thoughts than seeing a Cylon Basestar were this:

Noooo! No more relationship and baby scenes please!

I’m not entirely sure if that was the theme they were going for but assuming they didn’t replace their brains with wet bagels I think we could guess it wasn’t. In short, what could have been my favorite sci-fi series ever turned into worse and worse pretentious shit the longer it ran. And since the writer obviously hated the fact they had to write about silly starships and other such childish things they decided to make Caprica. I didn’t see it but I’m imagining scenes from the Basestars stretched to full length episodes. No thanks. You lost me after season 3, you can keep your spin-offs to yourself. What an incredible waste.




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9 02 2012
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