Nothing will change unless we start setting things on fire

29 10 2010

by AngryPanda

No, I want you to set a fire so goddamn big, the gods’ll notice us again, that’s what I’m sayin’. I want all of you boys to be able to look me straight in the eye one more time and say: ARE WE HAVING FUN OR WHAT?

Angry panda is angry

I made a mistake. Originally I had planned this blog to get all the stuff that I don’t want to bother anyone else with out of my system. And then I started worrying that reader numbers drop if I write about politics. Which ended with me having an argument about this sort of shit in one of the game forums I frequent. That’s not the point here. So if you still read this you’re out of luck. You get to read my rants if the mood hits me. Last week I posted a fun little vid about the man who became famous as Officer Bubbles on a forum. It wasn’t even about the whole incident, it was mostly about making a point for a joke about something entirely different.  A cop who got attacked with a pink dildo if you have to know. I’d give you a link but by now it is deleted which should tell you something about the power of the authorities. Anyway it was all in good fun since I didn’t assume that anyone their right mind would honestly think that arresting a girl for blowing bubbles would be right and feel their political views attacked. Oh boy was I ever wrong. I’m not going to post the actual quote since I don’t even have asked if that would be ok (mostly due to my massive urge to rather shove my keyboard up my ass than even talking to him again). So here is the very short version of what I read and how it looked to me:

The bitch should be arrested for not accepting that police is always right. They are there to protect the people! She is obviously not “the people”. Neither are the people around her who are trapped for hours be the police for no reason at all. But that’s ok too because they were uniform and as any good fascist knows that means they are right even if they break laws. And they should be allowed to shoot you for disrespecting them even if that is not against the law. Because they have uniforms and you don’t! So they taking your freedom is cool. You being disrespectful is not. Fox News says I’m right!

Disclaimer: The above might be slightly colored by my view that the original writer as fascist ass. The only thing I could say in his defense is that he probably didn’t know what really happened and just assumed the police has to be right. But somehow that makes it even worse. This default mindset is complete shit.

This is the whole story. Watch it and form your own opinion. I’d even say it is perfectly valid to say that it wasn’t necessary to provoke the police in this way. But it not breaking the damn law. And no excuse for power abuse such as this.

At least in this one case the issue wasn’t about the US and I can for once voice my opinion without having to say that I have to respect how others run their country. What really gets to me is that by now civilians have to defend themselves for being disrespectful while it is already taken as normal and ok that police continuously break the law and take their rights. In the worst case by playing with water-cannons and causing stuff like this:

Want to know what this guy did? He had the audacity to peacefully demonstrate against a construction in his home city, paid for by his tax money.

Interestingly for once this is a problem that I don’t think the US has to worry about. I somehow think their limit of how much bullshit they are willing to take is lower than other countries. Also they have a ton of armed civilians. Considering what happened in Toronto and now in Germany it is pretty save to say that police is not always your friend and most certainly not there to protect you. Governments use them as an army against their own population and once they crossed that line they are no longer police. They are an occupational army. I find the idea that these things are shrugged off while at the same time minor acts of disrespect are blown all out of proportion deeply disturbing. It shows how much power is shifting away from the people. I’d say be reasonable and don’t provoke them but that will only end with things getting worse. In fact I’m starting to think fighting back is the only reasonable thing to do. Their excuses will turn more and more crazy. There could have been narcotics in the bubbles. Hell yeah. Everything can be dangerous. With that excuse you can do whatever you like at any time. And these people do. Even taser ten-year old girls and saying a human bite is very dangerous. Think about that for a moment. An unarmed child is a menace worth using weapons against. What they should have done once the water-cannons started was something like this:

Yes, those are handmade flamethrowers. Those cops won’t worry about fucking bubbles anytime soon. I heard a pretty smart thing about politics a while ago. I’ll try to quote it right but some things might be screwed up. All mistakes are mine and unlike in the above case not intended.

Nothing will change until we shut of our TVs, stop listening to pop-culture icons with the singular task of brainwashing us into obedience and instead get out there and start setting things on fire.

Amen. Liberty has been thought and bled for. It won’t stay there on its own. It is eroding bit by bit. Someday you’ll either have to make a stand for it or lose it. And yeah it is very likely that you’ll end up arrested or injured for it. Life’s hard like that.




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6 12 2010
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