The Last Man on Earth (1964)

30 10 2010

This may have a somewhat cheap look to it, but it is actually pretty good.

by NiceDino

I never was particularly fond of horror movies. It is not like I can´t stand them at all. If the extend into the SF genre, like “Event Horizon” for example, or are somewhat sophisticated as far as their plot is concerned, even I can enjoy them. However most of them seem just much too stupid to be of any special interest to me.

Thus I was surprised when I watched “The last man on earth” because I had to admit that one of the first zombie movies ever made is actually a pretty good one.

The movie is all in glorious black and white and stars the famous horror film actor Vincent Price who does a really good job in displaying the madness and despair his solitude provides him with.

The story of the movie is revealed entirely in flashbacks and has two major advantages compared to most other horror movie plots.

The first one is that it exists. There actually is a plot. There is even a surprising plot twist at the end, which makes the rest of the movie all the more horrifying. The second one is that it does make sense. At least a bit more sense then we are used to in this kind of movie.

The build up is really good too. Although the story is revealed in flashbacks you can actually see the whole world falling apart due to the spreading of a mysterious disease, which is exactly the thing the messed up in Resident Evil 3 despite the fact that they had much more money and even color.

Of course you can´t expect outstanding special effects, action scenes or graphic violence due to the age of the movie, but for me this isn´t what real horror is all about anyway. It is about despair, subtly spreading madness and melancholy and this is what “The last man on earth” is all about.

Today this movie would be a PG-13 at best. However I do understand that this must have been really shocking at the time.

The movie is based on the 1954 novel “I Am Legend” from Richard Matheson. There has been a remake in 1971 with Charlton Heston as the main character called “The omega man” and a more recent one in 2007 called “I Am Legend” featuring Will Smith. However as far as I am concerned “The last man on earth” is the best version by far.

I you are interested in this kind of movie go ahead and watch it right now!


Thanks for reading!

NiceDino ^^



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