Space Pirates

31 10 2010

by NiceDino

The Panda wrote something about Space Pirates not too long ago, so I thought I might as well stick to it.

I never liked Pirates that much. I was more into the military type of hero. But luckily there is a more military version of the Pirate, called the Privateer. Perhaps the most popular of this kind of Pirate throughout history is Sir Francis Drake.

But enough of reality for know. Let´s get back to the more interesting things. Where were we? A yes, Space Pirates. As a fan of the Metroid series I´m of course familiar with their version of Space Pirates. And this version I like. Very much.

The actual version of the metroidian Space Pirates has been shaped by the very capable hands of Retro Studios and they gave the organization a more modern appeal.

Onboard rocket launchers, onboard lasers, onboard energy wings, onboard steel claws and fangs - now is this awesome or what?

While still evil they are not too evil. I mean, not stupid-evil at least. More like ruthless, which does make a lot more of sense. Furthermore they are highly organized. There is a sophisticated command structure active behind the scenes, which makes it very hard to stop the bastards, because there are engaged into many operations at the same time and there is not just a single leader anymore. But still one of their leaders remains to be a giant cybernetic flying dinosaur which is just outstandingly awesome. I´m of course referring to the infamous Ridley.

Despite the fact they are called Pirates (they even call themselves Pirates), they are more like a nation or an autarkic society, which has enormous resources at their disposal. Not only do they command a large number of interplanetary warships, fighter jets and troops, they are also in possession of numerous research facilities throughout the galaxy and at least one entire planet.

But the thing that really get´s to me is that they do not only steal whatever they see as desirable, they are also engaged in countless research and development projects themselves. Among their ranks are not only warriors, but also a lot of highly skilled scientists.

However this scientists do not only participate in the development of weapons but also in the design of battle suits, starships and of course genetic experimentation and augmentation. The Space Pirates are not at all afraid to use the knowledge they gain to experiment with their own kind to enhance their warriors even more. Therefore there is a wide variety of Space Pirates throughout the Metroid Prime games, since their physical characteristics are changing all the time.

These are only some of the many different types of Space Pirates which occur throughout the Prime series.

Of course they also use many different weapons. Their arsenal ranges from LASERS and rocket launchers, to emp-grenades, energy shields an all kind of nasty high-tech blades. Did I mention the jetpacks? Yes, they have those as well. To keep this short: The Space Pirates have everything that makes SF cool at their disposal. Even trained alien monsters and even though they never managed to train any Metroids, that doesn´t keep them from trying.

Somehow you have to admire their spirit.

Thanks for reading!

NiceDino ^^

P.S. Have fun with this video from YouTube. It shows the battle with one of the biggest and nastiest Space Pirate of the first game of the Prime Trilogy – the Omega Pirate.




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