The Governator

3 11 2010

by AngryPanda

I just read that Schwarzenegger’s term comes to an end. Can’t say I’m sorry. The stuff I’ve been hearing about California sounded anything but good the last few years. From giant gay repellent umbrellas to banning video games the guy seemed to work very hard to turn into a unlikeable bastard. Despite all that I still love him as an actor. To quote: “He can’t act but by god he’s trying.”. Awesome.

For most of you Arnie was always the same but for me he held a big surprise about 10 years ago. Until then I had seen him in dubbed movies and his voice was really cool. I had already started watching series directly from the US so I was used to original voices at the time but since I still love going to the movies for some reason I never stumbled upon an original version of a movie with Arnold. Until Terminator 3... . I went extra late to catch a version without dubs and boy was I in for a surprise. I had never heard his horrible accent before and the whole movie felt like comedy version  of Terminator to me. If you want an overload of this stuff I recommend the following video.

Still it was absolutely hilarious and I started watching other movies with him in their original versions. I don’t think it will ever stop to be funny. The classic would be  other than Conan. I still like that one and the fact that he can’t speak or act somehow doesn’t hurt the role. It didn’t age well so watching it again might be a pain but you can just watch this awesome musical of it instead.

But Conan and Terminator are cool movies on their own. If you want the maximum pure Arnie experience I recommend watching Commando. That one is so full of Arnie I think it will start to curse you in Austrian if you break the DVD. As a technical writer I have to love that movie for the scene of the girl with the missile launcher alone. Watch it and you’ll understand. If you do not feel like watching that either I’ve got you covered.

Just watch this fantastic review by the Nostalgia Critic.

And don’t forget that there’s a musical too!

This should cover pretty much everything that is awesome about this guy as an actor. On a mostly random note I had this picture and wanted to post it for ages. It never seemed to be worth its own entry but it sort of fits here. I’m pretty sure it was not intended like this but I couldn’t help and wonder “What if that is a Terminator?”

They only showed the ruins of cities but I have to wonder. Would Skynet be hostile to other life than humans? It would seem logical that he only saw them as a threat. It could save the planet.

In closing I’d like to us all to remember the immortal words: GET TO THE CHOPPA!




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21 04 2011
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