4 11 2010

by AngryPanda

For the record: I don’t know shit about hamsters. Except that they are absolutely awesome, dangerous and that there is a robot version of them. This post is all about that.

First of all Hamsters can fly! They put Superman to shame. Go there and try it out now. Your life will be an empty and sad shell of its full potential if you do not play Flight of the Hamsters. I won’t go on until you played it. You will probably be there until next week so hopefully there will be a ton of updates here once you get back.

Second: Hamsters are dangerous. Do not fuck with them! If they don’t go out in power armor they just might eat you.


And they will continue to be dangerous even in space!

But even without weaponry they just might eat you. You’ve been warned.


I wonder where that mouth comes from.

And that is before the genetic upgrades to make them even more dangerous. So they are naturally dangerous, genetically enhanced and well armed. And they still look cute.

Do not mess with the hamsters!

While this should be enough to convince even Jesus this is not the end of their never-ending stream of awesomeness.

Third: There are Robo-Hamsters! Yes seriously. There are. They don’t look like this though.

You will receive a free upgrade to Hamster 2.0. Upgrading is mandatory!

Nope, their full name is Robowsky-Hamsters and they are a sort of super hamster that is even more tiny and cute than a normal one. Basically their purest combat form.

The distilled perfection of everything that is hamster

Now some of you might think that I just wrote some crap as an excuse to post cute pictures of hamsters but that only proves what a self-loathing hate-filled and jealous shadow of a person you are. You should be ashamed of yourself and leave this site immediately! (But come back tomorrow, there aren’t enough readers that I can afford to lose you…)




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