Fanmade trailers

12 11 2010

by AngryPanda

Why are they always the best ones? Don’t get me wrong I hate how you can’t even find an original on youtube even if you try. But take any generic sci-fi or fantasy setting and some fan will have put together a trailer that is mind-blowing awesome. And even more importantly it seems to talk about the sort of movie that just doesn’t happen. One full of all the fantastic elements they could use but never do. One that doesn’t follow the standard plotlines and limitations. Crazy example: Power Rangers

I’m not the generation that grew up with Power Rangers. I will never like it. But I would watch this movie.

I think most movies are one trick ponies. They have one thing they try to impress you with. But these trailers usually combine several of the most awesome scenes, showing how great a movie that would have all of them could be. There are other amazing examples out there. Here’s just a few more.

Justice League: This one is especially interesting since DC had talked about not doing a Justice League movie. They said it was about the characters being to iconic on their own but translated from buzzwords it sounded more like “We are twats and don’t want success like the Marvel movies.” There’s also a Justice League of America one with exactly the same music. On one hand the old characters are really cheesy. On the other I love that Tim Burton’s Batman was used.

Thundercats: Not the one I was looking for but in its own way even more amazing.

He-Man: Not all good but some elements work amazingly well.

Green Lantern: The real one will have to work hard to keep up.




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