Links of the week

15 11 2010

by AngryPanda

My life-sucking poison of choice is City of Heroes. People argue forever about which MMO is the best but in the end it is simply a matter of taste which one you want to play to ruin your social life. Anyway, City of Heroes has one thing that almost all the others promise at one point but so far never delivered. Architect Entertainment: The ability for players to create playable game contend. It is a role players dream come true, you can design anything from mobs to whole new villain groups, including their dialogue. What is the first thing people used it for? Exactly: Make missions that let you powergrind a character to max level in less than a day. For about 4 month we lived in a golden age and you could make any concept you want and just blast it through the levels in days. Of course they had to fix it but they took way longer than you’d think. By now every few weeks someone finds another loophole. A while later the news spreads and the whole server uses it. A few days later the loophole gets fixed. The reason I’m telling you this is that this weekend was another such time. I bet the exploit was there for a long time but I only heard about it last minute. I spent almost the whole weekend bleeding it for all its worth. So while I was busy during the week I turned into a game addicted troll over the weekend. Hence not only did you get only one other post since the last links of the week, you don’t even get a whole lot of new links. Sorry folks.

Epic Rap Battle: Darth Vader vs. Hitler!

Sega tries to save Hedgehogs: Adorable. I have to wonder if they shouldn’t be busy saving their mascot but still nice.

Season of the Witch trailer: I’m curious about this one.

Punched in: If you can’t fist yourself in public wearing nothing but fur boots and gas mask anymore I don’t know what you can do!

Even more whaky WWII weapons: What did they smoke during that?!

Last week’s links: One of them was porn.




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23 11 2010
Links of the week « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] Last week’s links: The one there I complain about too much free stuff. Also Darth Vader vs Hitler! […]

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