Today on the dark side: Spider-Man!

15 11 2010

by AngryPanda

Oh no, just Joe Miller again.

Joe Miller’s campaign manager’s statement that “I’m sure there are going to be two or three dozen votes for Spider-Man” among the write-in ballots, and therefore the race isn’t over yet. Colbert really made a great show out of that. It is right at the start, watch the vid.


Joe Miller, Joe Miller, Wants to be your senator. Grows a beard, shoots a gun, Arrests the press just for fun. Look out! He'll cut your Medicare.

Why do I bother you with a week old scene from the Colbert Report? Because I showed it to the Dino yesterday and it was awesome. But more importantly: I wrote about this guy not so long ago. Had already forgotten just how much of an ass he is.






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