Green Lantern

18 11 2010

by AngryPanda

The first trailer is out.

Update: The original video was removed. The following is the newer wondercon footage but since that’s just better it does the trick just fine.

It looks good, I’m honestly surprise they are going to show Oa and move the thing into space. I suspected something firmly tied to earth so there would be a chance to stay boring. Still there are an awful lot of scenes on earth. By now I hope that is just the start but I doubt it. The most surprising thing is that the first peek at the costume was completely horrible but it does seem to look a lot better in this. I’m looking forward to this movie. It usually means I get disappointed but I haven’t quite managed to strangle all my hope yet.

Was the trailer as good as the fanmade one? Of course not. Will the movie be better than the animated Green Lantern: First Flight? Now you’re just being silly.

I would be amazed if it can even keep up with the Justice League Unlimited episodes that focuses on Green Lantern. So I’m saying it will be worse than the animated movie and even the cartoon but I still say I have hopes for it. That might seem like a contradiction but only if you don’t know how incredibly low my standard for blockbuster movies is. They are the lowest level there is. No other medium uses stories so flat, so bland, so easy ti swallow. Their redeeming feature is that they are often pretty and sometimes funny. This is another thing I should write about in the future but it isn’t what this post is about. This is about Green Lantern.

How can something with such a silly name be so awesome? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised after “Cowboy Bebop”.

I didn’t grew up with DC comics. That might sound surprising but it isn’t if you know that in my home there wasn’t a publisher for DC in the early 90s. That was also before the internet so for me Superman & Co were “old” heroes from leftover comic books. Marvel heroes were the new cast. I didn’t know any modern versions of the DC heroes. And while I had seen Green Lantern before I didn’t know who he was. Only that he was one of those people that made silly constructs of energy. And in the old books you could count on this stuff being pretty silly indeed. Giant sheers, boots, etc. It wasn’t until I saw Justice League Unlimited that I ever got introduced to the concept of that whole Green Lantern Corpse as a cosmic police force. And even then it didn’t sink in. The reason being that JLU was so awesome that it made pure gold out of even the worst characters. So just because I liked John Steward there didn’t mean I’d like anything about the comics for me. It took the First Flight movie to get me interested since the whole choir theme was repeated there. I’m still amazed, by now the Green Lantern concept (no specific character) is my favorite part of the DC Universe. Some of the running series happened on earth and I couldn’t care less for that but the whole part about a force of thousands of Green Lanterns in space was amazingly fun to read. What I like about Green Lantern isn’t a character, it is the idea of this corps.

Is there a single female who wears the full uniform?

This isn’t a classic superhero story, it is closer to a space opera. Planetary invasions, living cities in space, armies of other lanterns. I know fans argue endlessly about the other lanterns but I don’t think that is even the point. I don’t like how they went all rainbow but I love how this is all huge. This isn’t five or ten or even 20 superheroes on earth. This is intergalactic war with the fate of whole civilizations depending on the outcome. Also there is a ton of characters. I always prefer superhero teams to single ones since I don’t have to get bored with their civilian lives. In the Corpse this is taken to the extreme as the thing is so big that every character from mentors, love interests, friends to rivals can all be part of this one group.

Silly? Maybe. Fun? Hell yeah!

That reminds me that singe Superheroes vs Teams is another post I should write. Thankfully no one keeps track of this stuff. The corps is the superhero team of all teams. Compared to them even the Justice League is insignificant. There are thousands of  Green Lanterns and every single one is immensely powerful. Of course they still die by the dozens if they aren’t main characters but at least the theory is that it is one big army of pure green ass-kicking. In fact this concept is so good that even the cheap Marvel knock-off seems pretty neat at first glance.

Just on first glance though. They have only one interesting character. And he is boring…

So I’m hoping the movie will be fun. I’d be more happy to hear about a new animated series but I take what I can get. I’m also considering playing DC Universe Online just so I can be one of these guys. It seems they won’t be part of the initial launch but appear later. Of course there are complaints but I think it makes sense. They would probably need an extended setting that will come later and there is no need to integrate them into their whole “exobite” story. They don’t need powers copied by Brainiac Nano Machines. They can just get a power ring. Once more the idea of the corps pays off. As for villains, just color them yellow and you’re set.

That reminds me, I got some updates on this game for tomorrow.



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