Even more DC Universe Online

22 11 2010

by AngryPanda

Continued from here.

It’s been a while since I talked about this. I think I just forget because I honestly thought I had another post after that one. DC has been quite a rollercoaster, from feeling like it would be  a total disaster to some faint hope. Right now I’m standing at “worried but with a little hope”. There is just too much that can go wrong. But instead of throwing my own views in your face for once I’m going to post a bunch of videos that show their stuff so you can form your own opinion. Actual information, see how far this site has fallen…

The first three vids are a kid in terrible need of a haircut and some other boring folks trying to make you think they have a reason for existing. If you hate yourself and want to be bored you can watch them, otherwise skip right to number 4.

Vids for masochists:

Now here at part 4 they start with the real information and you get to see some of the good stuff.

Part 4: Character creation

Part 5a: Costume creator and some basic gameplay

Part 5b: User interfaces, equipment and advancement (skills & powers)

Part 6a: The gameworld

Part 6b: Superbases and what looks like Tier armors from WoW

Part 7: Mechanics and physics

Part 8 is way too many people showing their faces and talking empty add-speak again. Yay we’re awesome an d so special and unique blabla.

Last but not least I’m in the beta now and they have that usual “don’t talk about it or we will shoot your mon and your dog (in case you don’t like your mom)” non-disclosure thing going though. I will tell you though. In my first post about this I said: How will the chat work? How will the cross-platform controls be?!” These will be major problems and I’ll be impressed if they can solve them in a way that isn’t horribly awkward for everyone involved.

Looking back at the above and having my answers I can safely say I’m not impressed. And I didn’t even calculate user interfaces, vendors and such. And take this with a grain of salt since it is a first impression but boy did they ever fuck up the powers.



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23 11 2010
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