The Escapist

23 11 2010

by AngryPanda

As all (read: four) regular readers of this site might have noticed I regularly post links the The Escapist. I also often talk about stuff I read there. The reason for that is simple. The site is my geek-source of choice. I find the navigation pleasant, the themes covered interesting (it isn’t nearly as much about games as you’d think) and some of my favorites like Shamus Young and Yathzee have their columns there. Also I think their head writer-goon-person is John Funk and as I’ve mentioned before that is an awesome name and I totally want it. And while they occasionally write giant piles of crap (Imagine a link to a really shitty article here. I’d dig one up but there really aren’t that many of them) most of the time it is pretty good stuff and rarely seems like the bought news so many other sites feature. There are exceptions of course. I’m reasonably sure someone got at least bribed in some way for those interviews that tried ti make Jack Emmert and Cryptic look like a valid game company but all in all it is pretty ok. Oh yeah they also feature Movie-Bob and he’s a movie critic that I rarely want to strangle. I even found myself listening to his advice one or twice. You don’t have to agree with everything but I think these days a site that tries to show you real reviews and news instead of just marketing propaganda is worth a regular visit. You don’t have to agree but at least you know why I keep linking their stuff.

And now to the truly awesome stuff. If you look at the picture up there you will see they have a new gallery: Final Fantasy Cosplay. The very first picture and also the thumbnail on the mine site above is of Isadora and amazingly talented, beautiful and from what little I know very nice cosplayer.

She does look crazy tired in this one though.

The Dino (yes our Dino!) knows her. I saw her at a convention once. This shouldn’t mean much but what no American could understand is that as a European you are usually a continent away from everything that’s awesome. You don’t just get to go to Botcon and see Stan Bush or get a chance to talk to Felicia Day. This just doesn’t happen. Entertainment and even minor internet celebrities are from another world. Seeing I someone like Isadora on the main page of the Escapist feels like reality breaking, the axioms of my existence thrown out of balance. Not that she doesn’t deserve to be there, quite the contrary. It is just weird enough to make me head spin and my brain want to climb out and ride a rollercoaster. Made of Gundam spare parts. Because it is that awesome. If this should be my last entry my mind has broken beyond repair and I probably died stepping into traffic. But don’t worry, I was happy.




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24 11 2010
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