Links of the week

29 11 2010

by AngryPanda

This week it is mostly videos. Not because I’m too lazy to read. Just because you are.

Awesome add: Seriously. Plus fat kids dancing never gets old.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hamlet: It is as awesome as it sounds.

Star Trek vs Star Wars: One of the better done vids. I wouldn’t have used as many shot of Tie Fighters though.

Dad life: I’m discovering a new fondness for rap music.

Why guilty pleasures aren’t: Something I’d write about but I’ll never get to it and this guy is way smarter than me anyway.

The evolution of mankind: Reminds me strangely of the book I’m reading. Accelerando, not Harry Potter you twat.

Last week’s links: People read those. There was even a comment. I’m very confused.




One response

6 12 2010
Links of the week « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] Last week’s links: The one in which I insulted my readers. […]

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