WoW/Blizzard and movies

4 12 2010

by AngryPanda

I recently read that Kotick, Activision’s local king of douchebags wants to either charge for cut scenes or sell them separately. It isn’t entirely clear as since the guy usually manages to sound even worse than he is (quite an accomplishment) both could be possible. If he just want to offer the cut scenes to people who don’t buy the game and make additional money of those than more power to him. Square did this with Dirge of Cerberus and it was fantastic. Of course the cut scenes are the best thing about their game anyway but that’s not the point here. What I want to talk about is the Sam Raimi World of Warcaft movie. And to start this of I’d like to ask to questions.



What the fuck is wrong with you cunts?!

Ok, now that that’s out we might get to the reasoning here. I don’t mind Raimi, he’s ok. I think he might even deliver a decent movie. As far as Hollywood goes of course and I have a very low standard there. If WoW was a book I’d be all for this. But WoW isn’t a book. It’s a game and it has the most amazing cinematics. Blizzard has been delivering the most mind-blowing cinematics for years. The whole layout of their world, their powers, their races and their costumes, none of these are suitable for a life action adaption. Any why should they? They could make this thing all in CGI and it would be awesome. Use actors for the facial expressions and all that jazz but for god’s sake don’t film WoW in some forest. There is only one fantasy-movie that wasn’t screwed up (well three) and that’s the Lord of the Rings. It looks absolutely fantastic. But you know what it doesn’t look like? Yes, WoW. World of Warcraft looks surreal, over the top and as some say cartoonish. And it works. It has some of the most beautiful landscapes I ever saw so why shoot it in some forest. The thing is that at best they will produce a good movie but the moment you deal with mainstream movie productions there are some thing that are certain.

1. The world will be screwed up and simplified for no reason.

2. Powers will look and work completely different.

3. The star will be a human warrior. Quite possibly with a modern military haircut. If we’re lucky his name isn’t Steve.

4. The story will absolutely not focus on the rich and elaborate lore of the world since the audience can not be assumed to know this. Not that they care but that’s it will be.

There is no reason to do this. Not if you could have it all. They have the money, they have the artists and they have the talent. Just look at their latest cinematic. It isn’t even the coolest but it is the most modern so it shows best just how nuts they could go.

In fact all their cinematics so far have been close to this level. Even the by now dated one for WoW-Main. Just look at the thing. It introduces classe, theme, the world and it still makes me twitch. I have quit WoW years ago but it still reminds me why I wanted to play it so badly and fills me with a little regret that I’m no longer there.

The immediate follow up for Burning Crusade picked up the same characters while introducing new races and Outworld. It can almost keep up with the original. After that they changed the formula. For Wrath of the Lich King they no longer showed the “heroes” and instead focused solely on the main villain. I think it isn’t as good as the others but it is still better than 99% of the movie trailers you will ever see. They could produce whole movies about each of their expansions. Imagine that, not warrior dude fighting of evil wizard in Hollywood forest but instead the story of Arthas from his days as a hero to his fall and turn into the Lich King. Just look what they already got about Arthas. This vid simply puts every cinematic of him after his transformation in a row. And it doesn’t even include the ones while he was alive. Of course the first ones look dated but even they are impressive.

Or one about Illidan and his fall. Their main characters have absolutely epic stories and the moment you move away from the standard formula the sky is the limit of what they could do. The rise of Thrall as the Warchief would be an epic tale but he is an Orc so no chance in a mainstream movie. They’ve already shown that they could do that almost ten years ago. Imagine what they could do now. Or how about a female star with the journey of Janah Proudmore the archmage. Now that would be something new. A complete CGI movie doesn’t cost the world, they could take some pretty daring risks with the things. Instead of generic fair that has to cater to everyone these things could be a about interesting characters and explore tons of different themes. And of course they would be more epic because I think Blizzard would fill them up with spectacular scenes until they burst. Why would people who are so talented in this area instead give the work to the absolute hacks that populate the movie industry? Ah well have fun with Steven, generic warrior who starts his epic quest from the town of Goldshire, gets his Night Elf Mage chick and fights Thrall the evil wizard in the Deadmines.

Think that was bad? Look at the D&D movies, I was holding back.




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