Welcome to the information war

7 12 2010

by AngryPanda

You may think this is just about some geeks, you may think this doesn’t concern you. But you are wrong. If one man can be arrested for speaking the truth, if laws can be bent in any way the powers that be wish to then we know we no longer live in free countries. To declare information illegal is what governments like China do. If Assange had released information about them he might be on his way to a nobel price but he didn’t. He messed with the US of A and now they show that they are just as ruthless and just as unjust then it comes down to it.

Right now the internet platform Wikileaks is under attack from all fronts. Politicians, the media and a population manipulated by the former. Critics call the site’s founder Julian Assange a traitor and fear for their security. But this isn’t about treason: It is about fear – and democracy. You don’t have to like Mr Assange, I know I don’t. He’s arrogant, self-righteous and way too greedy for the spotlight. But he isn’t a traitor to anything. The portal Wikilekas releases government documents that were hidden from the public eye until now. These reveal a lot of stuff from the boring (like the partly insulting but pretty true views about foreign politicians) to the interesting (like the order to US-Diplomats to spy on the UN). Public servants now cry out because of the danger to international relationships, or even a danger to democracy. But it seems they misunderstood some pretty basic concepts.

All politicians, from lowly mayor to a governor and even the president are still working for the true owners and rulers of their respective counties: the people. The elected officials have to explain themselves to the people, not the other way around. If their actions are transparent they can’t hide behind empty shells of words anymore, they would have to be responsible for their actions. And they would have to earn the trust of their citizens again.

Right now one man is refugee from political prosecution. It is very likely that he will be handed over to the US and be locked away with no or a mock-trial for a very long time. We are not the free-world and don’t think they will stop there. Liberty is a dying ideal. If the web stays free there might be a chance but right now things are looking grim indeed.




One response

8 12 2010

I dislike the guy for the same reasons that you do. Just not a generally likeable fellow. Still, as a token American, I do disagree on one point. If Assange had a hard-on for dissimination of information, then he would be airing EVERYONE’S dirty laundry. Unfortinately, he doesn’t. He just hates the US (and gee, it’s not like we do anything that would encourage that… NOT!) and isn’t terribly fair in his exposing of funny and embarassing stuff. The US government is patently unfair, but so are many; air out their naughty doings.

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