Weapons of war: Wikileaks in Europe

9 12 2010


They are having smashing successes fighting Wikileaks in the US. The tricks they use are worth worrying about. Since they can’t prove any crimes (despite the loud ranting on TV) they use Eula’s and other red tape tricks to cut of the server infrastructure and the money flow. Many of the big players have followed suit. But here’s the thing: Not all of them sit in the US and the rest of the world isn’t so afraid of their government. Comerzbank in Germany is still running business for Wikileaks, pointing to freedom of press and information laws given to the county (by the US of all people) 50 years ago. Providers all over Europe have already announced that their customers have nothing to fear if they host mirrors of Wikileaks. Even the politicians here are strangely silent. While they would love to see Wikileaks destroyed as much as the US would they know their own supreme courts will gut them alive if they attack freedom of speech. Feels like the world is upside down.

The fact Facebook and Twitter have now blocked Wikileaks only proves how these things are not a free platform and should not be trusted. Centralization is the enemy of free speech. This whole show makes the US way worse than any of the leaked information did. It’s a bloody shame. Anyway I think the fact that major providers just shut this down should really have us worry and give us food for thought way beyond the current issue. And then there’s the little fact that the US already demands that Mr Assange be handed to them despite not even knowing what crime to judge him for. And no: treason doesn’t work for foreigners guys, you can’t make that fly. Right now they this is a perversion of justice and I really think Ahtrun wouldn’t be too happy about that.

Justice: Way too awesome to fuck with.




One response

9 12 2010

Actually, in Italy, the premier solved the matter by making his television stop talking about wikileaks.
Being Silvio Berlusconi the major holder of 3 of the most relevant private televisions, and having power to dictate the guidelines for the public ones, the news simply disappeared.
Funny, uh?
Yep, it seems we already have our freedom of speech problems…

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