Level 30!

15 12 2010

by AngryPanda

It’s official: I’m old. Even worse every single of m MMO experiences tells me that getting through the 30s is a pain in the ass and somehow I feel like this won’t be different. It started of with my family dealing another mindshattering blow to my view of humanity in general and them in specific. Apparantly there is no absolute zero then it comes to hatred. It can always get colder. But still it ain’t a bad day. I didn’t have to see anyone and the few people I actually do see on a regular basis all cared. Not bad for an anti-social hermit. The real downside is that I’m running out of whisky I could by more within the next 30 minutes but I don’t want to leave the house.


No real presents but what's the point after you can afford to buy any toy you want yourself?






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