DC Universe is about to launch

22 12 2010

by AngryPanda

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Usually these things are delayed. Going ahead of schedule a couple of month does seem somewhat brave. I’ve been in the beta for several weeks and I think I played about 4 days. I had to force myself to two of those. In case you were wondering, that’s not a good sign. I have no particular dislike for this game apart from the fact that it is developed by Sony who grossly misunderstand the concept of costumer support. Seriously, if these guys were MacDonald’s they’d piss on your food right in front of you eyes. Still that’s only a problem if an issue comes up, it doesn’t mean the core game itself has to be bad. They aren’t Crytpic and they’ve shown that not only do they have a major budget, they are also willing to use it to create a really new type of action combat based MMO. That is commendable. I also have played City of Heroes for 3 years by now and could use a change of pace. In this one you don’t even have to worry about copyright infringement. I do want to like this game. But I don’t. And I think I have good reason, not just a vague “something feels off” vibe. So I’m going to list the most major flaws here.

1. The common background: This is both a strength and a weakness. No mutant half vampires with songblades (I’m not making that one up) but good clean shots of Exobites for all. This also makes it absolutely impossible to come up with your own story though. No immortal masters of mysticism, no alines that have travelled through the cosmos. You’re a human, you got your shot. Now go out there and kick butt. That’s it.

2. The lack of customization: Customization in DC is a sad joke. I can’t overstate this enough. You couldn’t even copy half the iconic costumes. I heard someone saying “The point is you have to earn it” but they can go drill a hole in their knee and pour milk into it. The point is that so far the game hasn’t shown me any chance to make something I like. It also slapped some chainsaws to my writs. Don’t even get me started.

3. The powers are completely fucked up: And this one is the gamebreaker. I’d ignore the origin, I would try to see if the customization gets better in the endgame, I’d work my way through the horrible interface but I just refuse to buy this shit. The sort of powers you have describes your role in combat. You use magic? You’re a defender. That’s right, no Captain Marvel for you cunt. The saddest part? I tried to make a kryptionian and ended up with ice powers. That’s seriously what you get if you choose “inspired by Superman”. This is a joke. This isn’t some half-assed adaption by fans, it is THE DC Universe made by the titan Sony. Rumor says they work on a “Power and Might ” set or something like that but at this point there’s just no excuse left. The two other superhero MMOs on the market allow you to make way better DC characters than their game does. To make sure this point hits home I’m going to list you can and can’t dos here.

Can do:



Batman is a go!

No talking around it. Brawl attacks, devices powersets and the absolutely gorgeous athletic movement mode that allows you to climb buildings in record time and even float. In fact the movement is so over the top it is more Spiderman than Batman but I take it. They got this right. In DCU you can play someone like Batman, no doubt about. And here comes the “but”.

BUT: Batman doesn’t have superpowers! Ok he’s a superhero but only because of his name. Don’t get me wrong I love Batman but basically a good Batman game would work the same as most other action games. He’s a guy who fights. Meaning you got Batman right means you got a decent action game (They do) but it doesn’t mean your game is any good at showing superheros.

Can’t do:


Let's get the big guy out-of-the-way first shall we?

No you can’t play anyone with powers like Superman. And by that I don’t mean you aren’t as powerful. The sets simply aren’t available. You want to be  Tank you better have Ice or Fire powers. You can fly like Superman. In fact every character that flies does that in the signature Superman-pose there’s no way around it. I tried to make an evil Kryptionian working for Lex Luthor. Not a chance. I think you can get Heat Vision sometime down the road. Will go really great thematically with your Ice attacks I guess.

Wonder Woman


Ah well I don't like her anyway. At least they got rid of the star-spangled panties.

Same problem as with Superman above. Super strength is not an available powers. You can lift and throw some heavy stuff but everyone can do that. It isn’t your signature set. No parrying with your bracelets or using a lasso either. Also the origin of her powers is magic too so she would have to be a defender, not a tank. I can just see her run around and spam heals. Oh yeah and if you choose an outfit “Inspired by Wonder Woman” you get almost the same as if you had chosen Superman. I admit I don’t like her look but let’s assume her fans do so that’s just shit.

Green Lantern


There's a movie coming out, you'd think they'd have heard of him.

In this case you don’t even get to choose “inspired by Green Lantern” and then get the power to turn into a toad instead. He’s flat-out not there. That’s right, no Power Rings, no chance to be a part of the Green Lantern Corps, not even a lousy Exobyte copy. There’s no green glowy powers available for players. Period.

Of course the fanboys excuse this and point to the fact that they are planning to fix this stuff someday. But there’s two games already out there that let you do this stuff! Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern shouldn’t be a fix, they should be the core around which this game is build. Didn’t anyone tell them what they were making? DC Online would make a neat Mortal Kombat game but it is a complete failure as a superhero game. Even worse it is the last contender in the race to let you play an iconic hero. The next legend most certainly isn’t you.




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22 12 2010

This fills me with rage. As a lifelong DC fan, I want to play a game that looks like the actual DC Universe, and for some reason the DCU Online game… doesn’t do that? What the hell, DC?

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