The reason for the season is actually earth’s axial tilt

24 12 2010

by AngryPanda

Merry Christmas!

No irony here. If you read this blog it means I probably like you because you’re either on of the people I choose to spend my time with online or at least a visitors number that makes me barf with glee every time I see it.

ho ho ho

For my christmas is relatively stress free. I got to buy some groceries which bugs me but that happens every week. My mom has specifically uninvited me for being an antisocial miscreant which I wouldn’t care about except for me two kid-brothers who I for some reason like. I shouldn’t because if they are related to me no good can come of them. Still, got to be a leftover insticnt from the herd or something. So they got their presents from Amazon, two games and two books so I know they’ll like at least part of it. Might not be exactly what they wanted but I can’t be buggered to get into my ninja-sui, sneak in there and ask them now can I?

Interestingly this shows that despite Facebook having spread faster than the black plague we are obviously not yet connected enough in this century. Actually it just shows parents are Luddites and shouldn’t be trusted with overseeing their kid’s access to technology. They couldn’t spot the dangers if they bit their noses off and they just slow down their skill development. So here’s a modern Christmas, watch the vid it is worth the 3 minutes of your time.

So yeah Facebook here’s my christmas hug of love for you. You may be stupid, shortsighted and dangerous but at least you make people talk to each other. And boys and girls if I have learned one thing then it is that communication technology really does good. Without I’d be cut off from 3/4 of everyone I like.

I’ll be working between the today and new year’s so the updates will keep coming. Not nearly done with 2010 here. No more goodies for the weekend but in the meantime take this:

As a kid I got Lego for christmas for as long as I can remember. Can't imagine one without.




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