Links of the week

27 12 2010

by AngryPanda

For the very last time this year and I don’t even have a whole lot. Should I use this chance to look back at the year? I don’t think so and if I feel like it, that’s another post I can do this week. All in all I think it was the year in which I finally realized everything I ever learned about western civilization is a lie and that the rights of the people are a dying concept. I’d go further into it but it would just depress me. So go read other stuff on the net.

A christmas miracle: Yes, real honest to god. People doing good. It scratches at the black crust of my soul and makes me regret I saw it too late to try to help.

The open net: Showing why net neutrality is important in just one picture.

My blackberry isn’t working: It tried to put my dongle in it but it won’t fit.

The three-strikes plague: Why does every fucking government come up with it at the same time? Because it’s just one that wants it…

Last week’s links: I just found a major typo by checking those again.

As for this week’s vid I give you “Copying is not theft”. Yes you can come up with a whole lot of reasons to criminalize this but I think it is about time that people realize that the rules of a scarcity market (the only one our economy is based on) just don’t fucking work with data.



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18 01 2011
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