Never say no to panda

17 01 2011

by AngryPanda

As you might have noticed there have been no updates this last week. The panda was hired to do an ad campaign and was busy with the shooting. They pretty much only had to film my natural behavior anyway. It was awesome.

Or maybe I’m just not working right now and seriously it is amazing how dependant my posting is on that. I write almost exclusively on time that I get paid to do something else. I’d at least give you links of the week but my surfing depends on work too so I wouldn’t even have many of those. Still I got some things in the pipeline. Namely: Reviews. One movie, one anime series, one book. That’s right, a book! Don’t be scared now it won’t bite. I think I’ll write at least once more about DC Universe Online but only because doing that doubles reader numbers and I’m vain like that. On that note: reader numbers have remained stable over the last week. So it doesn’t even matter what I write? Fuck you đŸ˜‰

I’m also looking for a quick and dirty review format for movies I have seen but don’t want to write a whole article. Like “five sentence reviews” or something like that. Not sure what the right balance would be. I’d use Green Hornet as the first try for that. The movie wasn’t worth a full review I think. Or at least I don’t feel like it and so you don’t get one. Skyline will get one though, that’s the movie mentioned above.




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