Links of the week

18 01 2011

by AngryPanda

Yes, it is that time again! Mostly because I don’t feel like getting to my reviews or DC Universe yet. But also because I finally think I got enough stuff to make it worth it. Booyah!

The picture of everything: This will get its major own post tomorrow but I want to mention it today already. Go and look at the thing!

The music industry spent 90 million dollars on lobbying to take away your civil liberties for their fight against piracy: “The very first time a major music industry executive heard about Napster and got nervous, they turned left and went down and talked to their lawyers instead of walking out of their office and turning right and heading down to the business section,”

What mean these mastodons: You know, you got to admire these creationists for two things. One, the deliver their bullshit with conviction and a straight face. Two, in their worldview dinosaur riding pandas were entirely possible. Awesome.

Kim Jong II announces plan to bring the moon to the earth: We will study the moon once it is here, to learn the effects of moon possession on national glory.

The Wonder Woman TV Show died in the planning stage: Curse you! Couldn’t you even wait for my post on while this is the most shitty idea since.. well shit?

MadMen vs Firefly: You got to be kidding me.

Gimly destroys the one ring: You got to love their expressions.

The evolution of the Batmobile: I think my favorite is the one from the Dark Knight cartoon series.

Comics Alliance five worst comics of 2010: I’d give you the best list too but it is just artsy shit on a sammich and who wants to eat that?

Last year’s links: Yes, you heard right, get into your Tardis, Delorean or Train of choice and take a trip back to 2010!

DISCLAIMER:  Those who have read the book series may experience fainting from awesomeness, dizziness, loss of coherency, spontaneous bowel loosening.  The afore-mentioned people should not watch this video if they have a heart condition, are pregnant, or may become pregnant.  This video is not for those weak of heart. Ask your doctor if the new HBO series “A Game Of Thrones” might cause you to spontaneously combust.



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31 01 2011
Links of the week « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] Last week’s links: Which are actually too weeks old and contain a promise to post something the next day that hasn’t happened till now. Maybe you shouldn’t read them. […]

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