Mr. T

26 01 2011

by AngryPanda

There are many cases in which memories do not match facts in any way. My favorite example is the morons that claim that a 20 minute toy commercial sold out. I like to think that I’m rarely a victim of nostalgia like this. I love my old cartoon memories but I’m perfectly aware that compared to my current standards old classics like Galaxy Ranger or He-Man just won’t cut it anymore. That stuff had great concepts but it was executed horribly. But I’m not immune. I got some responses to mentioning Mr T in the entry about Green Hornet this monday and I started to look up on him in wide-eyed fascination and terror. It could be that I escaped most of this stuff by being in Europe since most of my memories seem to involve the A-Team (and thank you god for not making that new movie suck, that would have hurt. Also thanks to whoever actually made it, I’m too lazy to look you up. Not happy with me thanking god? You want to steal credit from god?! You’re a horrible person!). Well, looking up Mr T proved to be enlightening. In the same way that touching an electrical socket with your tongue is. This has to be the most obnoxious and annoying propaganda machine parents ever had. Try watching the messages in the cartoons alone. They melt your brain. And why did he have a group of teen gymnasts with him? At least Flash Gordon played Football. And don’t get me started on that wannabe white brat he’s got with him. I’m starting to wonder what my point here is but I think it is that I’m realizing that Mr. T seriously isn’t awesome. Or rather his career wasn’t. Reading up on the guy (read: opening Wikipedia) was a real eye opener. I love how he picked the name so people would have to call him Mr. And seriously you got to admire a bodyguard with the cochonas to label his cards with: “„Next to God, there is no greater protector than I.“

So in retrospect, apart from the A-Team his produced obnoxious crap. Except for his ads. The one for Snickers was fantastic and the one for WoW is a legend in itself by now. So what’s my final judgement on Mr. T? I don’t know. And considering I’m a nobody with a blog I’d have to be pretty foolish to think he needs my opinion of him to validate himself. And Mr. T pities the fool!




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28 01 2011
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31 01 2011
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