The Old Spice guy is back!

28 01 2011

by AngryPanda

I’m aware that by writing about this in fact makes he a supporter of an ad campaign. But since it is fucking awesome I can live with that. Did you hear? The Old Spice Guy is back! You might have guessed it from the headline I guess. Smartass.

If you want little details like his real name or anything would require as much research as looking at Wikipedia you’re at the wrong place. Go do it yourself. I’m busy being awed. Appearantly you can somehow win the right to first show this ad if you use Facebook or Twitter or some other crap I don’t have so sadly I think it won’t happen to me. But that’s not the point. This is fantastic marketing. Other people have to pay for space, even in private blogs. This guy is so awesome people will compete for the right to show him on theirs. Whoever wins this will have a massive boost of viewers. On that note: Yesterday’s entry about Mr T doubled the reader numbers. Yeah seriously. Admittedly that’s not hard, it was still just 30 since I pretty much ran this blog into the ground but still I didn’t think that name still carried so much weight. But then he was on the A-Team so it is quite possible he could approach the awesomeness of the Old Spice Guy. Who only makes ads. I stand complexly amazed how advertisement can be entertaining and in fact turn into a social phenomenon instead of just being obnoxious shit force-fed into your mouth with the hopes that after you tasted it long enough you will love it. In fact the Old Spice Guy is so awesome that he has to be used sparingly or he will cause a thermonuclear war and a shortage of Old Spice and bacon (now there’s something to really worry about).

On a site note I wonder if this will cause another anomaly in viewers. If Mr T can still double the count the Old Spice guy should make them go through the roof. On the other hand everyone and their dog are probably writing about him right now so I don’t see how it could have much of an effect. Plus I didn’t even provide any new information and in fact left out most of the things I do know.



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31 01 2011
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