Links of the week

31 01 2011

by AngryPanda

I just realized that maybe I should have numbered these things. Anyway, last week an entry about Mr T got readers to spike at 30, which is pretty high for this mess. The next day the Old Spice guy who is a fucking internet phenomenon in himself pushed the number down to 4 and it has been in the gutter since? I have absolutely no explanation for this, except that maybe I simply used up all readers on friday and they died after watching that horrible video. Anyway I’ve been at work again so there was random surfing so we got enough links for a new entry.

Cat hunts bear into a tree: Incredible, this reminds me of the video of a cat messing with alligators in this very same category a while a back.

Kim Jong II end nuclear program for lead in next “Batman”: the Onion at it’s best.

Eve Online “Incursion” Trailer: I wish this was a movie.

Captain America title changed in some countries: To “the first Avenger”. I’m not sure it will be enough. I simply can’t see this movie having any chance to get viewers outside the US.

Isengard vs Mordor: Oh my god I want to see this movie! I did mention that fanmade trailers are great before.

Henry Cavill is the new Superman: They can cast Jack Black as far as I’m concerned, as long as they let something happen in the damn film this time.

Ke§ha the Disney princess: I don’t even know enough about her to judge if this is a parody or not. I did think the mirrorslut is Jenny the bloggess too though.

Last week’s links: Which are actually too weeks old and contain a promise to post something the next day that hasn’t happened till now. Maybe you shouldn’t read them.

And for this week’s featured vid we got something especially awesome. Unless you don’t know Dr Who, in which case your life is so sad it would be a mercy killing if I cut your throat with a spork. Or you don’t like Dr Who in which case.. fuck you!  Anyway, maybe you wouldn’t let your kids play at being intergalactic genocide machines but I would. Which means your kids would love me more. Which isn’t hard because if they are your kids you are a parent and all parents suck. I should write about this someday.






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