Ten thoughts: Tron Legacy

1 02 2011

by AngryPanda

The ten thoughts idea worked pretty well for Green Hornet so I’ll give it another shot for this. It seems to be a good way for me to structure the mess the pudding in my head tries to sell as thoughts and it also limits the size to something manageable and prevents my fear of having to put in actual effort from kicking in. I’ll also keep the prior list in mind to see which things I talk about again so maybe a more structured approach will manifest over time. So let’s get started.

It looks a lot like a Drej to me.

1. Movie Bob has a review of this that’s well done and has some interesting info so why do I bother to write this at all? Yes, again! And in this case that brings me to the real thought which is the fact that this movie like so many others was released months later in the rest of the world than it was in the US. While those assholes in the movie industry complain about piracy someone should go there and inform them that the internet does actually exist. If I hadn’t looked forward to this so much, especially because of the visuals I would have watched a screener simply because I was sick about everyone on my game server shoving their opinion down my throat and me not having seen it. That’s shit people. The internet does exist, deal with it. This way it will just keep hurting you. Worldwide launches are not new or impossible, fucking do them!

2. This movie was basically porn made out of everything I loved as a kid. The rush was almost enough to make me forget the people around me. Almost. Unless I find a time no one else comes to watch I will only go watch major special effect fests like this in theaters from now on. I just can’t the people around me anymore. A full movie theater is pretty much hell for me by now and I left in a really bad mood despite the fact that I liked what I had seen.

3. The 3D was bloody amazing and the first time since Avatar that I really saw why I paid for it. In fact it was the first time since Avatar that I knew why I went to the bother of going to a theater at all.

4. The rest of the visuals kept up. Everything looked absolutely incredible and my one complaint if I must voice one is that like in all new movies every contrast as blue vs orange. I didn’t mind on the Grid, it can look anyway they like it but it was very obvious that the real world looked like it too.

5. While we are at the real world, the scenes there were short, fast and all in the beginning. Thank you guys, it is almost like you knew we’d want to see the Grid.

6. The plot was almost insultingly simple but I liked that. I’m sick of convulted scripts that try to be smart but simply aren’t, sick of vague supernatural or religious references that go nowhere and sick of random action that are just there to give me the illusion that someone put a lot of thought into this. As such the story is the movies greatest strength and its greatest weakness all at once. It is a strength because it is basically one huge fight/chase scene that carries the effects. It is a weakness because every twat out there will complain about it. And they will be split 50/50. One half will claim it was too stupid and simple. The other will claim it didn’t make sense. That half are the nitpickers. Give them anything simple enough that they can understand it and they will start finding random faults in it.

7. I seriously wonder what “normal” people think about a movie like that. The Grid will mean nothing to them, they won’t have any idea what the fuck was going on or why the weirdos had glowing clothes. This has to have been more confusing for them than even the Matrix.

8. Speaking of the Matrix there’s one major advantage Tron has over it: Their Grid doesn’t look like the real world. Considering that the real world sucks and the Grid is breathtakingly pretty that’s a pretty good deal. They didn’t even try to update it to the way modern software and games look. Which is pretty good because it would have been all fisher price (normal applications) and dirt brown (from the games). What they did was use a completely outdated vision and show it with the best modern tools. Absolutely amazing, I wish someone would revive a cyberpunk version from the 80s like this.

9. The score by Daft Punk was at the same time brilliant on its own and perfect to evoke a retro mood. And while I mention retro, the scene in the arcade still makes me smile, it is an absolutely brilliant moment even if it is the only one that uses different music. That happens to be absolutely perfect too.

10. The most random thought of all is about the real world scenes in the beginning and how the score reminded me of movies like Terminator. I really would love to see an action flick done in that style. Not that I don’t prefer the Grid but this was still awesome and made me feel absolutely nostalgic. That’s rarely a good thing but strangely here it was.

I love high-tech designs and glowing energy. Especialy in blue.




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