Once more with Cryptic

3 02 2011

by AngryPanda

The beautiful thing about hatred is that it is never used up. In fact I think hate just generates more hate. I also think Yoda would agree with me on that one. Anyway, my hatred towards Cryptic is as strong as ever. There have bee one or two entries about that before then they announced they’d release Neverwinter Nights. By now I’m pretty sure that who I really hate though are the fans and the critics and game sites, even ones I like that continue to act as if this company might be capable of producing anything but shit. That’s why it was utterly heartwarming for me then I saw this entry on 20 sided dice today.

That’s the Cryptic way. Make a messy, ill-conceived system, fix half of it, and then drive it into the ground. You could give Cryptic a shipment of gold bars, and their first thought would be to make doorstops out of them. Only, they would make them too light to actually hold open a door. And they would paint the outside with ugly latex paint. And the website to order the doorstops would be horrible and confusing to use. And when nobody wanted their solid gold mafunctioning ugly doorstops, they would blame the bad economy.

The entry is in fact significantly longer but you should go read the original over there for that.

At last someone else is pointing this out, I was going mad and already saw myself as one of those nutters, screaming at random people how they could miss the obvious signs.



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