Links of the week

7 02 2011

by AngryPanda

For once on schedule. This time is mostly videos. Blame the Superbowl. I only noticed because it made it exceptionally hard to find a raid last night.

Captain America Teaser: This looks as bad as I feared. I wonder if they can make their money with the US audience only because that’s the only way this will fly.

Thor Teaser: This doesn’t really show more than the previous ones did.

Fast Five Teaser: I mostly linked this because I’m amazed that they can just sell the same movie again. I’m pretty sure I saw this 10 years ago. And then at least 3 sequels.

Transformers III Teaser: What was that flying thing? Did Prime have the Jetfire upgrade there? Does he use an extendable energy blade? Awesome!

What if Magneto was right?: The big picture is usually good but this one is really interesting.

So you still think the internet is free: A good map showing censorship on the net.

Batman the plutocrat: I really despise the sort of self-righteous, way-too-serious, full-of-shirt nerds who write stuff like this. He is the goddaman Batman, of course he knows best!

And to make up for the above link: Batman will now dance the dinosaur.

Duty Calls: “Bloody Screen! So real! Sergeant of the master sergeants most important of extreme sergeants to the max!” Amazing, this thing includes everything I got to say about military shooters.

For sheer fewer numbers I should have used the above link as the direct video, because it is real fun and about gaming. Instead I’m going for something serious that’s well worth knowing and thinking about. RSA Animate: Crisis of Capitalism. I recently talked to a guildmate and the shocking ignorance about some facts was unbelievable. I’m not one of the people who believes Americans are dumb, I think people in general are idiots it has nothing to do with nationality. But it is amazing how easy we fall for the “truths” of our local culture. In his case it was the “right” to own your own home. He didn’t even know that this shit was promoted to prevent union uprisings by trapping people in mortgages. Anyway, there’s  a lot of food for thought about exactly these things in here. Don’t take it as god’s word but it is worth to at least think about it.




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