Why does one side have a donkey anyway?

9 02 2011

by AngryPanda

From MovieBobs blog.

I'd vote for the Yoshi-party!

Also from the same page:

Behold President Barack Hussein Obama. A good man. A nice man.

A man of compromise, who believes in the Middle Path – that by making concessions, seeking the humanity in enemies, and working toward common ground one can get opponents to meet you halfway.

Behold a man who loses.

Read the full article.

Bob is a strange case. On one side I sometimes want to strangle him so much because he’s a nerd of the highest order. On the other hand he is clearly a smart nerd. For one thing he knows what he likes and doesn’t feel a need to dress that up. He also approaches geekdom with a pretty calm and sane attitude. He’s like the John Steward of nerds in that way. He’s also the only movie critic I give a shit about. I don’t always agree with his reviews but they can still be the make or break point for me to decide if I want to go see a movie or not. I never had that before so I guess the leftover hatred I do have is just my base level that never goes away. I still wish I could poke him with a spork until he gets why Captain America will make both himself and the Avengers an international disaster and that the character is simply bad for business but there’s only so much you can do in life and I got porn to look at.

PS: This isn’t really worth its own entry so I’ll just add it here. Maybe I should get Twitter to embed stuff like this? The thought makes my skin crawl so for now the answer is no. Anyway: So FOX News says video games are responsible for rape. Why does anyone get worked up about this? These people are professional liars working a clear agenda. You can be one of 2 people. You already know this or you’re one the morons buying their bullshit. Since you are angry you’re clearly not the second. So what’s your problem? It’s like complaining that water is wet.

Update: “You” in this case doesn’t mean the before mention Bob. Unless he does get worked up about this, in which case it totaly means him. But it also means you!




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