Lost but not forgotten

10 02 2011

by AngryPanda

Previously in this series:

Yes, I will finish the series on Transformers "Fuck we're awesome" someday.

I’ve been looking for pictures for the Defender and Scrapper classes but instead stumbled over the perfect one for a Tank. This is the transformed version.  I love how the robotform, has tracks but it still turns into a hovertank. It can use the tracks for it’ s earth form with the Terra-Expansion. Dundundun!




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3 03 2011
Site changes « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] The problem with this one sit hat it screws up my old posts since the text column is too narrow and doesn’t show full pictures. THe archives will look like ass. Beware the the site might be a bit wibbly wobbly while I try new […]

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