X-Men First Class Teaser

11 02 2011

by AngryPanda

Thoughts before starting the vid: I hate prequels. Why do they have to keep resetting things? Man I wish they would have made a sequel or maybe even a Days of Future Past movie.

Thoughts after seeing the teaser: This looks good. They clearly didn’t reset, this is based on the other movies. Also this seems to include the Magneto/Mystique prequel they had been talking about. Also there’s for once no Wolverine so maybe this movie can be about the X-Men, very nice. Of course the “First Class” has to be different since Angel was introduced later and some other things are changed too but I’ve read X-Men for 20 years and they always had changing setups and alternate casts. I already heard the cries about it but X-Men isn’t about a specific set of characters, it is about a theme and it seems like they are hitting it perfectly. Very nice shots. And while I usually don’t like movies set in that time period it is an amazingly cool idea to use the Cuba-Crisis as their background. I’m really looking forward to seeing this now.




One response

11 02 2011

I like this trailer a lot… definitely getting me all hyped up! 🙂

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