Links of the week Feb.28.11

28 02 2011

by AngryPanda

“My idea of fun is taking a nap.”

I head it this morning and it is a rather disturbing realization that it is true for me too.

Why Ottowa bombs its frozen rivers: I still think it is because they can!

Jeapardy and a computer: This isn’t new but I never heard of it. It is a bit like playing vs the google search engine.

Looks like Brittain will give Assange to Sweden: They haven’t even officially accused him yet. If he gets delivered to America through this we’ll at least know that Europe has no spine at all.

Extra Credits takes on EA’s marketing: In my opinion Extra Credits is the singular most overrated internet show on the Escapist, mostly because they always find a reasonable middle ground by ignoring half the facts but this one is really good.

Help Nathan Fillion buy Firefly: I’m sorry kids, it will never work. But it is a pretty thought.

Michael Bay brings us Zombies vs Robots: I fucking hate zombies. But the reason I have this link is something else. It is about time nerds realize that Bay isn’t their enemy, he’s their patron saint. Yeah, there are better people than him. But he’s the one who actually wants to bring us this sort of movie.

Last week’s links: Were actually two weeks ago.

And this week’s featured video is gameplay from the most overhyped MMO currently in development. It is amazing new and unique gameplay footage from Star Warst the Old Republic. Stuff that has never been seen before, a fresh ne interface and a mission that absolutely does not look like any generic quest in the Redridge Mountains of WoW except with steel instead of wooden Goblin constructions. Oh brave new world with such games in it!



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3 05 2011
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[…] Last week’s links: My idea of fun is taking a nap […]

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