Site changes

3 03 2011

by AngryPanda

Then I started this blog I had such great plans. I wanted to be an astronaut! Well, maybe not but there was some stuff I wanted to do, like get a decent domain and stuff. And I’m going to start doing this now. The start is finding a new theme for the site because it was a bit hard to read the old one honestly. The first one I switched to is called Monocheome and possibly the one you look at right now. Unless I experiment more… . The problem with this one sit hat it screws up my old posts since the text column is too narrow and doesn’t show full pictures. THe archives will look like ass. Beware the site might be a bit wibbly wobbly while I try new things. Remember the hitchhiker and DON’T PANICK!

Update: I found one called “Traction” that looks almost the same but leaves the pictures intact.The downside is that it is a premium skin for 70 bucks. I’d even pay that but since I still want to switch to self-hosting sooner than later I don’t exactly see what I’d get from it. Plus 70 is just greedy compared to you know.. nothing! Which is what the others cost.

Update 2: Now I’m using a theme called “Neo Sapiens” which fucks up the pictures too but I’m short on time so you’ll have to deal with this mess till tomorow.




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