The new theme

4 03 2011

by AngryPanda

After much deliberation and even more pointless clicking I decdied on a theme. You should be seeing it right now. I have to admit the old one had more charm but I think this one will be far more easy to read. The smaller text space forces me to go back and fix half the old posts since the pictures I used were enormous but better I do that now than later. It just gets worse. I’ll miss the option to post really huge pictures but I bet they were horrible to load anyway. On the bright side the smaller boxes make what little I write look for a lot more. My main gripe ist that I can’t change the background color. I’d like to change the “outside” area from grey to black but there’s no option. The small space for the banner will also be a challenge but I wanted at last some. I found great themes that I had to skip because they didn’t have it, and thus no way to make the place look even remotely non-generic. And I got to say: Sorry Grimlock but the Dinoriders will once again be in the banner.




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