4 03 2011

by AngryPanda

At last, I got the domain I wanted. I still have to fix it so it is shown in the address bar but you can already reach the site with the address since you get forwarded to the blog. And while at it I’m also using Twitter for the first time ever. I didn’t understand the purpose of the thing but I saw it on 20sided dice and decided I want a stupid sidebar for random little thoughts too. I bet that could be done without using a social network like Twitter but it was the easiest way to set it up. No idea how the rest works but I did manage to follow the Old Spice Guy so that is sort of awesome I think.  The new look works for me and I only have ten more pages of pictures to fix. Looks like a good start. As usual there won’t be updates on weekends, have a good one folks.




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