Links of the week

7 03 2011

by AngryPanda

No longer with a date since the new theme shows that well enough. I’m honestly not sure about the purpose of this post. There’s such good stuff that I just want to share but I know that while you people read these posts you don’t actually follow the links. I wouldn’t particularly care except that it is stupid since a lot of this stuff is way better than what I would write. And because I’m wasting time making these things. Maybe I should just post these links on the twitter the moment I find them so they come in short bursts. I could even still write a my own stupid comments to them. I’ll think about it. The Links of the week are also a sort of the state of the union speech though and I’d have to invent a whole new category for that. My mind is barely flexible enough to buy a different brand of toilet paper, much less deal with this. Anyway, the links are awesome, go ahead and see this stuff.

Courage to resist: This gets the top spot. Because fuck you.

The Big Bang Theory- Penny plays Age of Conan: Of course the poses are stupid and it is way over the top but for a TV production the things used are surprisingly accurate. At least the terms are right and they even got the level range right. Considering this is TV it is pretty amazing how it is only very wrong and not complete bullshit.

Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode 3 preview: Oh go fuck yourself..

Even more Star Wars. And tuna!: From the comments: “Still better than attack of the clones.”

SUPER trailer: Looks like Kickass and I mean that in a good way. Does that girl have blades on her arms?

Why we should eat horses instead of riding them: “As for Toby, he continued to stare at me from his side of the fence, his aircraft-carrier-sized boner twinkling in the morning sun. I could see an undercurrent of sadness in his eyes, trickling somewhere below that massive desire to do some raping.”

Attack the block: No it isn’t Lego. It’s basically thugs vs aliens. I like it.

Game of Thrones-Iron Throne Trailer: Holy shit, please let this be good. And make at least one full season!

HBGary CEO has to step down after Anonymous attacks: Meet Aaron Barr, the world’s latest reminder sometimes stupid arrogance is not the way to success. Also that government experts are twats. Always. No exceptions.

Games for Windows Live will never be Steam: “I guess what I’m really trying to say here, and I apologize in advance for how radical and unpopular this opinion might be, but what I’m trying to say is: Microsoft sucks.”

Hottie body hump club: “I cried a lot too…”

Last week’s links: My idea of fun is taking a nap

And you know what? That’s it, I’m not wasting more awesomeness here. Click those and be amazed. I’ll try to fit the others into their own mini entires, videos are good for that. As for the featured vid I picked the Anime X-Men trailer, mostly because I love both. The story is about the X-Men going to Japan which is actually something they do a lot so that’s not out of character. Also I love this version of Storm.




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3 05 2011
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