Who the fuck is Charlie Sheen?

11 03 2011

by AngryPanda

Did I even write his name right? For the past few days every second comment I read was about Charlie Sheen. The last drop was yesterday as jokes about him replaced Chuck Norris in global chat in my life-sucking poison of choice. I know he stars in “Two and a half men”. I have never seen it, don’t know what it is about. Apparently it is a smashing hit that they didn’t take of the air for way too long while this guy wasted himself. He was even mentioned on the Bloggess, there was no escaping this guy. If I googled this guy for 2 seconds I’d probably know who he is and remember him from something but I won’t. That’s why there are no fact links here, it seems everyone but me knows all this stuff anyway. I love it then this happens. I get to hear a newsbit about some famous asshole who peed themselves while drunk and I have no idea who they are talking about. It feels like I won and actually did manage to escape the media circus, trying to feed us their shit. Of course I know a lot of trivia, but it is stuff I care about. The so-called “stars” elude me more often than not. If your name isn’t in the ranks of say Nicolas Cage or Al Pacino it is more likely than not that I never heard of you. And even if it is there’s still a decent chance I missed it. And with that I’ll leave you for the weekend, still neither knowing nor caring what this whole Charlie Sheen fuzz is about.



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12 03 2011

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