The dark side is strong in this one

23 03 2011

by AngryPanda

I admire people who can stay calm and reasonable in the face of insulting stupidity or even answer it with  humor. But at the same time it is sometimes nice to see one of the lose it and realize that deep inside they are just as pissed of as you are. Case in point: This article on Shamus Young’s site. In response to anyone ever asking you why you didn’t just buy a game on a console instead of the PC:

I bought this game on the PC because I know and relate to other human beings, a thing which is evidently completely foreign to you. Being blessed with these social skills, I’m not going to sit in the living room and make the rest of my family watch me bend Yeoman Chambers over the galaxy map for a Renegade Interrupt. Unlike your parents, I don’t want my kids growing up warped and damaged, so I’m not going to harvest zombie heads while they are watching. Unlike you, my kids are going to learn to speak English, but I don’t want them to learn it from Kane & Lynch.

I realize things must seem very clear to you, sitting in your bedroom with a console machine on one side and a seven-year-old, porn-infested PC on the other. But the variables that go into buying decisions are complex beyond your understanding, and if you saw the world beyond your filth-pit it would blow your mind.


I forgive you for your monumental ignorance, only shut your drool-maker and leave this thread to people who know what they’re talking about.

Raw hatred and helpless anger towards mindless stupidty gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling because it makes me realize I’m not the only one who suffers pain from this. I have to wonder how much pain he had to go through to get this pissed. I wouldn’t know, having mostly withdrawn from all of this by even pirating the media I buy because the carabage they put into those packages is practically unusable.

I’m just one man. I can’t possibly hate all of this stupidity by myself. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Don’t you worry sir. We got you covered. I got a spare bucket of hate (TM) set aside just for shit like this.




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