I have pants!

25 03 2011

by AngryPanda

This might be a little misleading. I actually had pants before. You get into trouble in public without them. Or so I hear. But I didn’t have any for home. I used to but I’ve been alone for such a long time that I’ve slowly degenerated into a sort of troll that does  hectic leaps into street clothes just to open the door. I’ve decided to draw the line. Even while alone you should only let yourself go so far. And it ain’t so bad if you could talk to someone without making them think they just opened the gates to Moria. I’m not going to sleep in them though. So stay away from my windows or go blind at your own risk.

Your life has to sink pretty low if this is a major step up. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. For now I’m just happy I got pants.




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