So this is number 11 eh?

31 03 2011

by AngryPanda

In fact it is the second season with the 11th doctor. I hate his look and I can’t imagine he is as good as the 10th. But then I couldn’t imagine he’d be as good as the 9th. He wasn’t but he was awesome in his own way. So I’m going to do something rare here and assume the 11th will be good too. I haven’t seen his first season yet but I got to say after this I’m really looking forward to it. I just wanted a little break after the End of Time. The tenth Doctor deserved better than just moving on to the next. Sill, seeing this, I can’t wait…




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26 05 2011
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[…] be cheap even if you were six) but the end results would be worse it. Science could make it happen. Someone who’d truly understands it would in fact be very much a god. But even with our limited understanding and the massive letdown of the sonic rainboom (and the […]

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