Man it must be cold up there…

16 04 2011

by AngryPanda

…because the come up with some whacky shit in Norway, Finland and Northrend. Still I find this stuff tons more interesting that the average US core/zombie horror. I’m not much for horror movies but I think I could get into some of this stuff if I cared enough. But hey since we talked about it yesterday here is some creepy creative stuff you could get your hands on.

Rare Exports:

Father christmas is child murdering monster buried in an eternal prison of ice? And they try to sell him? Let’s assume this one isn’t entirely serious but it still looks pretty good.

Reminds me of Sint now that I think about.

The Troll Hunter:

Trolls are real. The government has kept them behind electrified fences up north. But the cage isn’t holding. Nice take on local myths, the camera angles drive me nuts though.




2 responses

18 04 2011
absence of Alternatives

You know, it never occurred to me that that region in the world does produce horror movies that just blow your mind in terms of, I don’t know, truly innovative ideas. The Human Centipede is a Dutch film… More evidence… *shudder*

18 04 2011

*blinks* I never get comments. Especially not from people who’s blog I just visited. You’re breaking my internet! *flails*
Also, you are absolutely right. I find it comforting that people don’t think in the same box all over the world.

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